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PCA Board Election Results 2012

Congratulations to Lisa Anderson, Vance Koven, and Allan Quiat, who were re-elected to the PCA Board for 2013.  A big "thank you" to these board members for their willingness to serve PCA for three more years.

Each Board Member serves a three-year term. During that time, he or she serves on at least one and possibly more committees, and participates in monthly conference calls, which are supplemented by meetings at pen shows when possible. One meeting, usually directly after the DC Show, involves the annual Board retreat, which is a several-hour gathering to discuss larger strategic issues. This is not a "title-only" position. The current and former Boards have worked hard to establish and maintain key projects, including the evolving website, Pens for Kids, and the partnership with the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. We have several exciting things in the works.  We are looking forward to working with our new board members on these and also hearing their new ideas for our PCA!

Lisa Anderson

Lisa has been collecting fountain pens for more than 12 years, with a focus on Esterbrooks, as well as Sheaffer Skripserts. Health issues caused her to pull back for a few years from being active in the pen collecting community and attending shows. Lisa is an experienced board member. She is glad to return to the hobby in full force and sees her focus on the board as helping maintain and expand the hobby, seeking to use the advantages of the digital age for the organization, and to serve members by improving communication.





Vance Koven

Vance is an attorney serving both in private practice and as Consulting Attorney at Nuance, the voice recognition software company, and is also a composer of classical music (guess which of those pays the mortgage!). He has used fountain pens since childhood, but has been collecting for about fifteen years, mostly orange Parker Duofolds, brown Sheaffer Balances, Gehas, Morrisons and whatever else appeals. Among the many uses he finds for his pens is to write music reviews for the Boston Musical Intelligencer.  He lives in Boston with his wife and three children.




Allan Quiat

Allan has been collecting and using fountain pens for 14 years.  He is an active member of the Lone Star Pen Club in his home town of Houston.  Allan attends several of the U.S. pen shows each year, and often delivers the Pens for Kids workshop.  His profession takes him on frequent international trips, and this has allowed him to find some interesting pens in faraway places.

Allan has been a PCA member for many years, and served as PCA Volunteer Coordinator from 2007-2014.


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